Bunting Disposal Service Schedule

Call us today at (970) 339-3023 if you have questions about service schedule!

We understand that at times it can be hard to remember when your recycling pick up is or whether or not a holiday will affect your pick up day. When you are unable to call our office we hope this page helps eliminate any questions you may have.

Recycle Schedule

Unfortunately we have multiple recycle routes that require different calendars. In order to receive your accurate schedule you must contact our office via email (buntingdisposal1968@gmail.com) or by phone at (970) 339-3023.

We always offer same day recycle pick up so this will always fall on the same day as your trash on a bi-weekly basis.

Residential trash and recycle service can be affected by certain holidays throughout the year. Please note that if your scheduled pick up days falls on or after a holiday your pick up will delayed by one day. If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday your pick up day will NOT be affected.

Below is a helpful tool to determine if your pick up day will be affected and which day your pick up will be on for that week.

Monday Holiday – (All pickups are affected)
Monday on Tuesday, Tuesday on Wednesday, Wednesday on Thursday, and Thursday on Friday

Tuesday Holiday – (Tuesday though Thursday affected)
Tuesday on Wednesday, Wednesday on Thursday, and Thursday on Friday

Wednesday Holiday – (Wednesday through Thursday affected)
Wednesday on Thursday and Thursday on Friday

Thursday Holidays – (Thursday is the ONLY pickup affected)
Thursday on Friday

*Note: Your day is ONLY affected if the holiday falls on or before your scheduled pick up day.