Billing & Payments

Call us today at (970) 339-3023 if you have questions about billing or payments!

Bunting Disposal has different options for customers in regard to billing and payment options. We strive to provide different options that best fit each customers needs. All customers now have the option of going paperless by signing up for e-billing or setting up auto-pay through your bank.

Bunting Disposal Billing

For residential and commercial customers we have two different options for billing cycles. Once an account is set up it is automatically set on a monthly billing cycle. Bunting Disposal bills out a month in advance and gives each customer 30 days to pay their bill until it is considered late and a late fee is added. Customers also have the option of being billed on a quarterly basis if they prefer.

We also offer the option for receiving an electronic statement or invoice via email. Please contact us via email ( or by phone at (970) 339-3023 to be set up on paperless billing.

If there is ever a discrepancy on the bill please notify our office as soon as possible so we can get the error fixed. Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM or Friday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM . You can reach us at (970) 339-3023.

*Note: We bill out a month in advance. If an account is set on quarterly billing the account will be billed 3 months in advance.

Delinquent Accounts

It is very important to make monthly payments on your account once the bill is received. Customers who are delinquent will receive multiple notices prior to being shut off.

Once the account is 30 days past the original bill date a late fee is added. When the account hits 60 days past due the customers bill will state that "the account is past due and payment is needed". Once the account hits 90 days the customer will receive a letter stating "the account is past due and is on hold until payment is received". When the account goes on hold it is considered inactive at the full amount must be paid in order to reactivate the account and continue service. If payment is not received the customer will receive a final notice letter stating "the account will be sent to collections in 10 days if payment is not received".

Monthly Late Fees and Due Dates

Bunting Disposal bills out on the 10th of each month. When billing occurs an automatic late fee is added if there is a balance on the account. We ask that all customers pay there bill prior to the 10th of each month to avoid late fees. Each customer is given 30 days from the statement bill date to pay the balance on the account before a late fee is added.

*Note: In some cases payment is received after the billing has gone out. More often than not there is a delay with the mail and payments are received later than expected. Please contact our office as soon as possible if this occurs.

Customer Payment Options

To best fit everyone's preferences we offer different payment options. Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM or Friday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM to make payments or customers can access our website 24/7 to make a payment online.

Below are the different options customers have to make payments on their account:

  • Paying by credit or debit card via phone
  • Automatic withdrawal through bill-pay - Set up through Bank. They send a check in the mail – it is NOT an automatic deposit
  • Sending in Checks or Money Orders
  • Stopping by our office to pay with cash, card, or check
  • Paying through our website portal - Make sure the name and address on the payment match what we have the account for your service