Make a Commitment to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Make a Commitment to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

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It's important to follow guidelines set forth by the recycling center to ensure environmentally conscious recycle pick up. Bunting Disposal, Inc. offers proper solutions for curbside recycling pick up in Greeley, Windsor, Weld County and the surrounding area. As a trusted and reliable company, we provide dependable and prompt recycle collection services for residential customers in the area.

To have recycling service through Bunting Disposal you must have trash service set up through us. We do not offer service for recycle only customers.

Residential Recycle Service:
Bunting Disposal will provide a high-grade recycle tote or poly to eliminate the worry of lost or damaged recycle cans. Our recycle polys are of strong durable plastic that is more sturdy and stronger than store bought recycle cans.

Recycle Container Offered:
Provided with residential recycle service for no additional fee is our 65 gallon poly kart. This size is compared to the residential poly, but slightly shorter.

*Note: Recycling is an additional charge added on to the trash service

Single Stream Recyling

There is no need to separate anything!

Pros of Single Stream Recycling:

  • One container for all recycling materials
  • No separation is required. If it’s accepted, throw it in the same container.
  • Do not bag your recycling

  • Cons of Single Stream Recycling:

  • Contamination ruins the entire load
  • If an unaccepted material or trash ends up in the bin, the entire load must be disposed of
  • Contamination is the biggest problem facing current recycling practices today. People throw in things they shouldn't, like grease soaked cardboard, plastic bags, or paint cans. If it ends up at the recycling center, all pieces in proximity to the contamination must be removed, causing slowdowns and strain on the facility.
    Recycle customers, please take the initiative to double check the items you are placing in the recycling bins. We will not remove your recycle if it is dirty, "contaminated". The recycle plant will charge us for contaminating their facility. If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact our office.

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    You Must Set Up Curbside Recycling Service - Thank you for your understanding