Service Questions

Which Holidays are you CLOSED?

We are closed on all major holidays. The holidays included are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Which Holidays are you OPEN?

We are open on the following holidays: New Years Eve, Martin Luther King Jr Day, President's Day, Good Friday, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, and Christmas Eve (office will close early on this day).

Do you offer service for commercial accounts?

Yes. To get pricing and options please call our office at (970) 339-3023 or email us at

Do you offer services for HOA's?

Yes. To get pricing and options please call our office at (970) 339-3023 or email us at

How much trash am I allowed each week?

Residential accounts are allotted 2 cans or 1 can and 3 bags each week for no additional charge. This means 1 Bunting poly and a personal can OR 1 Bunting poly and 3 bags. If there is more than the allotted amount there will be an additional fee. Please call our office at (970) 339-3023 or email us at if you are going to have a large amount of trash.

Do you take furniture, appliances, or heavy construction?

Yes. Whether you are a customer of Bunting or not we can remove these items. There is an additional fee for each item removed and must be paid up front prior to removal. *Note: if you are not a customer of Bunting there is an initial fee of $50.00 to schedule a pick up.

Will weather affect my pickup day?

- Rain or shine we will be out picking up trash and recycling. However, there can sometimes be inclement weather that may affect your pick up.

- Snow: Depending on the amount of snow fall your pickup day may be delayed. We will still operate in the snow if the roads are not bad - if there are white out conditions and the roads are slick we will be closed and resume service the following day. With snow there may be time delays as we may not have access to certain neighborhoods due to the snow volume or the landfill shut down.

- Wind: Please make sure loose trash is bagged to reduce items blowing out of the container. If trash does blow out of the container due to wind our drivers and their helpers will try to clean up as much as they can. Service time may also be delayed due to the wind if the landfill shuts down.